Showreel 2016

Like last year, we packed this year‘s showreel into a little short film. Loosely connected to our Showreel 2015, we venture into the postapocalypse.
We played the main characters ourselves, wrote the script, built the props, directed, and handled the whole post production process.

Director of Photography: Gerfried Guggi
Camera assistance: Lisa Hofstätter, Georg Wallner
Set photography: Georg Wallner
Costume and make-up: Viktoria Zierer
Sound, SFX and mixdown: Horst Schnattler / Klangkulisse
SFX and music: Emanuel Wilding

David Lapuch
Wolfgang Kühnelt
Florian Dinius
Lichtwerk Graz
Winterleitenhütte Judenburg
Ortweinschule Graz
FH Joanneum Graz